the summer 2018 Insignis keynote


2018 film line up


i'll be good

2018 music video selection. by jaymes young.


To kick off 2018, we're making a music video to complement Jaymes Young's song, I'll be Good.

Humminbird Poster.jpg

the hummingbird

2018 short film. Horror.


Our Short Film selection this year will be a horror that's sure to leave a pit in your stomach, fearing every minute of the film.


insignis feature

our 2018 feature film.


We're doing something we haven't since 2013 and creating a Feature film. The details regarding this film will be presented in the 2018 Fall Keynote, in September.

the timeline


july 24th

Casting Calls will Release

between august 20th-24th

Auditions are Held (Music Video & Short Only)

july 30th

Audition Scheduling Opens Up

orchestrated is on youtube

We're excited to announce the release of our 2017 48 Hour Film Submission, Orchestrated. Catch it online only.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 11.36.37 AM.png

Composer Hart opens up on why her award winning orchestral pieces didn't live up to world's expectations in 2010. A news reporter challenges her story and opens her up to a world of susceptibility. This film was created for the 48 Hour Film Project 2017 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Genre: Musical || Starring: Alaina Zachary, Daniel Grochowski, Talaya Martinez
Written by: Andrew Garcia || Directed by: Rahul Verma


we're here to help you. no more contests.

We want to thank those of you who have made our films possible. Instead of making it an unfair rush to get the first three slots, we're opening up our gratitude to everyone. Below are the conditions.


if we've worked together in 2017 to the present. Email us to verify eligibility, and we'll get something scheduled. A one week notice is required.

50% OFF

if we've worked together between 2016 and 2017. Email us to verify eligibility, and we'll get you a special discount code. A two day notice is required. (Price: $49)

if we've worked together before 2016, or even if we haven't. A two day notice is not required, but appreciated.

ONLY $99

Name *


we just got a whole lot more integrated.


studio binder

Studio Binder is, as its name implies, a Binder full of our call sheets, locations, contact information, and more. It's used within the industry, with big names such as ESPN, BuzzFeed, Spotify, NBC Universal and Lionsgate using it's powerful features, we're glad to bring you the same powerful software. You will be integrated into it on a case by case basis, depending on if you are cast. This benefits you with professional looking call sheets, easy communication, and a much more direct and efficient workflow.


acuity scheduling

After jumping from platform to platform, we're excited to streamline audition scheduling into one easy to use program. Acuity Scheduling is simple and easy to use and will be a valuable asset this season, and with our films in the future when it comes to audition scheduling. We've used it before, but we're moving everything audition related to Acuity. Not only is it a simple and easy to use platform, it has a great mobile interface. 



Sling is how we will schedule shooting days. This will run in parallel with the new Call Sheets that StudioBinder is providing us. Those who have shot with us before are no stranger to this, and we will continue to utilize this platform to schedule shifts, and use it to calculate payroll when we hit that point in our operations. Again, you will receive further detail when cast in regards to setting up an account.


final draft 10

While this doesn't benefit you guys directly, we've moved our writing to a platform that is industry standard. This, along with the rest of our improvements are sure to distinguish this era in our existence as a filmmaking group.


We know you want to be successful, and what better way to do that than to show off you're reel footage from Insignis? Starting today, you can request reel footage and have it to you within 24-72 hours via Dropbox. A first from us that we're sure you'll love. Click below to request footage. This can also be found in the Visitor Center.

Please note, all footage will be delivered UN-EDITED. You must also agree to a safety/privacy statement, stating that you are who you are, and the footage MUST contain yourself, or your children if they are under 18. Footage will not be granted otherwise.

This has been a feature since September 2016, however, it has been severely under-utilized. Please note that we don't respond to email requests for footage. All footage requests must go through InsignisOne.


official. for real.

"But you've been saying this for the last two years!" That is correct, but with school out for good, and our company shifting gears to something more professional, we need a title and base for you guys. Especially when we start to pay. Look for this in mid 2019, with several updates along the way. We'll be utilizing our tech in order to collaborate with everyone and with everything, effortlessly.


Starting in 2019, and some specific roles in 2018, we're ready to pay you. We'll get into details when cast in terms of rates, hours, and conditions. Be ready to be part of an indie film group that appreciates its actors through payment and visibility. Just another thing that will set us apart from the rest.


we're going 100%  digital

This, unfortunately means we're cancelling all pre-existing DVD orders, and starting now, films will only be available through electronic formats. This will include, once we get that far, paid films with extra features. Of course, cast and crew get the films for free, like always. Additionally, we're going to commit to shooting green as well. We'll recycle what we use, and be mindful of our electricity usage by shooting with natural light when possible, and reduce our carbon footprint by encouraging carpooling and shooting around rush hours, if possible. 

in loving memory of

louisa baca

July 3rd, 1969-april 8th, 2018

Louisa Baca appeared in our 2016 48 Hour Film Submission, Grandma's House. She was a talented member of the New Mexico Actors community appearing in several large scale productions like Better Call Saul, The Nightshift, and more. She had a great sense of humor, and helped the production move forward without any hesitation and did so with a great passion. In addition, she has done documentary work and remained strong to her Native American culture, which she took great pride in.


The world, our community and those who's life she touched will miss her deeply and are so incredibly thankful for the experience they got to share with her. The world will miss a truly talented individual.


Louisa Baca will receive a "In Commemoration of" in the next appropriate film.


wrapping it up

Our website will be 100% complete by August 31st. We're almost done wrapping up a state of the art experience for you and all those who visit to enjoy.

one more fundraiser

We're nearly ready to go independent, but need one more push. We're looking to raise $1,000 by the time we film our feature. All donations come with rewards.

and the rest

We're constantly changing ourselves, and we've reflected that through several website clean-ups, upcoming new features here, and additional services we'll begin to offer throughout our winter season and onward. 

We'll be sure to update the blogs more often to be consistent with our clarity policy, and to keep you up to date on what we're up to.