Lockheed Martin and More!

This year was a very different year than most. Usually, year by year, we make one film, granted that they're features, but in 2015, we ventured out to make three films. Three, distinct, impressionable shorts that were extremely innovative in their kind, and portrayed story's that differed from standard cinema. 

Opal, Bad Deal and Single Duplicity were a blast to make, and we lucked out in getting one of the best cast/crew we've ever had. This is by no means to say that anyone we've worked with prior was any less, but that our first time venturing out returned fantastic results.

Where are we now? We'll thanks to Elizabeth Kallman, along with Lockheed Martin and the New Mexico Film Foundation, we've been awarded a $5,000 grant to make one of our next shorts, Childhood Reminiscing, to explore the "emotional impacts of space travel". This is news that we would have never thought true if we hadn't expanded our horizons, and we are so, so fortunate to have won this special award and honor. 

The film will be complete by December, and screened respectively around it's due date. We're quickly going through pre-production as we have a lot to work with in a very little amount of time.

Rahul VermaComment