3 Years Already?!

Long time no talk! But, what a perfect time to start updating the blogs again. We are about to hit our 3rd Anniversary as Insignis, and it's incredible to see how far we've come. We started filmmaking 10 years ago, with a laptop camcorder as our primary camera, and have since grown to see the word through a different eye, and it's all because of you guys. Each and every one of you have supported us in incredible ways so far, and for that, we can never thank you enough. 

As we venture into our third year, we are excited to bring on a fresh new visual set and mindset regarding our films. Since we've started, we've been creating films we enjoy, with stories that we want to tell. However, from here on out, we will tell stories that we must tell, that we must spread. From the controversial issues of today, to the slapstick that'll make your sides hurt. We will create our first feature since 2014, and break so many boundaries we haven't yet.

Rahul VermaComment