We're switching to music videos to kick off the year. Here's our line up. 

*SCHEDULING opens up on 1/27/17, Auditions will be in Mid-Late February, Filming February-May.

Photo Jan 14, 3 52 17 PM.png

Human by Aquilo

Photo Jan 14, 3 55 46 PM.png

Valley Girls by Blackbear

Colors (Stripped) by Halsey

Times Like These by EDEN

Casting for ages 6-75. A specific casting calls will be available January 27th.

orchestrated releases APril 6th

We're excited to announce the release of our 2017 48 Hour Film Submission, Orchestrated. Premiering April 6th.




Did you Donate?

If so, you'll get your rewards around the release date, and once again, thank you!


free headshots

The first THREE people to fill out the form below will get free headshots (12 photos). The rest can still enjoy them at discounted prices.

Discounted prices vary from $59-$129 (down from $75-$160)


All three sessions have been booked!

Grandma's House is On YouTube


Let you're friends and family laugh at our Comedy 48 Hour Film Submission, Grandma's House.

Watch under "Our Films"

Reel footage. all in one.


We know you want to be successful, and what better way to do that than to show off you're reel footage from Insignis? Starting today, you can request reel footage and have it to you within 24-72 hours via Dropbox. A first from us that we're sure you'll love. Click below to request footage. This can also be found in the Visitor Center.

Please note, all footage will be delivered UN-EDITED. You must also agree to a safety/privacy statement, stating that you are who you are, and the footage MUST contain yourself, or your children if they are under 18. Footage will not be granted otherwise.



You've heard it before, but it's finally coming. We're going official, and it's gonna be a blast. We're going bigger and better than ever before, and stepping out of our comfort zone. And we're so glad you're a part of it with us. This will be done by Fall 2017

insignis pays (YOU) back. 

be APPRECIATED for your work, and bring out the ledgers

In 2017, we're excited pay the community back. Our films starting sometime in 2017, will be paid, and it's thanks to all of you who helped get us this far to be able to give back. This is a huge step we're taking as a business and can't wait for you to be a part of it. Everything until then however, will remain unpaid. 

DVD orders from a while ago

Remember those things you ordered ages ago, but never received? Yeah, we'll take the blame, we're sending them out now!

and the small stuff.

We're constantly changing ourselves, and we've reflected that through several website clean-ups, upcoming new features here, and additional services we'll begin to offer throughout our winter season and onward. 

We'll be sure to update the blogs more often to be consistent with our clarity policy, and to keep you up to date on what we're up to.